October 18, 2020

Clergy Appreciation Month

October is Clergy Appreciation Month. The nation celebrates Clergy Appreciation Day on the second Sunday in October.  Most churches will celebrate on that day or select […]
October 15, 2020

Sole Proprietorship

Sole Proprietorship is a business owned and controlled by one person who is solely liable for its obligations as defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary.  What is […]
October 10, 2020

Unemployment Compensation

Unemployment compensation is a compensation payment at regular intervals to an unemployed worker as defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary.  Not to mention, to the one who […]
October 5, 2020

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. If you desire to participate, please wear the color pink.  The tenth calendar month is celebrated as Breast Cancer Awareness […]