Health checklist: What to buy before a hurricane

When a hurricane, snowstorm, or other major weather event is looming, you probably already know the basics: fill up your gas tank, be sure the batteries in your flashlight and portable radio are fresh, and stock up on nonperishable groceries. But which foods are best, and what supplies may you be missing? The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recommends having three days worth of water and foods like the ones that follow on hand, plus several other items that will keep you healthy and safe in an emergency.

ou may lose access to drinking water during a natural disaster—it could be compromised through contamination, or could be cut off completely. The average person needs 1 gallon of water per day, and that can be more depending on your age, physical activity level, and overall health. You’ll also need more in hot weather. Stock up on at least a three-day supply per person in your home.
Be sure to fill your bathtub, too: If your water is shut off, you can use the water in your tub to flush your toilet manually by pouring some in the bowl.