Black Friday Shopping Tips

As consumers begin to prepare their game plan as to where to shop first for Black Friday which is known in the retail industry as a profitable day of consumer sales. Many consumers will avoid the long lines and simply stay at home and shop online via their computers or smartphones. The information listed below is an excerpt from the Nebraska Attorney General’s Guide to Consumer Protection. You can visit the State of Nebraska Attorney General’s website to review the consumer protection section to locate the informational brochure in its entirety in the .pdf file. Also, you can complete an internet search and visit the state website where you reside to stay abreast of the pertinent information to educate yourself to share with others to be aware of scam artists, fraud schemes on seniors, criminals, and other fraudulent activities.

Shopping On The Internet
Shopping on the internet requires the same diligence you would use when you are vising a local retailer, chain superstore, or a shopping mall. Here is some key information you should know before buying over the internet:

Look Out for Your Privacy
If an online sale requires you to give information about yourself, find out the company’s privacy policy and make sure it doesn’t rent or sell your personal information to other companies. Shop only with those companies that respect your privacy. Make sure the site is secure – look for “https” in the address bar.

Keep your Password(s) Private
Never share your passwords with anyone, and avoid using any password that could be easily associated with you.

Pay By Credit Card
If you use a credit card, you are protected by the Fair Credit Billing Act. This gives you the right to dispute any charges if a criminal acquires your credit card number from an online purchase. Contact the customer service department of the company you are doing business with if you have issues or concerns while completing the online transaction.